As we are approaching the summer holidays statistics shows that at least one out of four families will be jetting off on holiday, so applying these holiday tips below will save you a lot of money. Just to clarify, frugal doesn’t mean cheap, it means resourceful so I hope you enjoy this post.



Peak holiday seasons are Christmas, Easter, summer. Ideally book an out of season holiday. This will obviously not work for families with school aged kids but if like myself , you have young children then this is the best thing to do.
I went on holiday at the end of April, after the Easter holidays.It is usually sunny in most places across Europe and other countries. Our flights were £38 each to Spain which was a bargain because if we went a week before our flight would have been at least £92 each.


If you’re planning on a family holiday it will probably be best to get a packaged holiday because once you’re out there you don’t have to worry about food or drinks.
If you want to save EVEN more money then go half board.

The frugal me will usually have breakfast then pack extra food for later which will usually sustain me till dinner. I do the same with drinks, I stick to water on holiday and fill up all my bottles. Some many feel uncomfortable to do this but frugality requires confidences.



You would think that being frugal will mean that you would save money not getting travel insurance but I always do my research and find the cheapest and most valuable deal in advance. For example, for a family of six people,I found travel insurance that cost us £19.95 that worked out to cost about £3.50 each. This is worth the money, if it provides a peace of mind and can potentially save you 1000’s in case of an emergency. Some insurers offer free cover for kids and if you travel a lot, you are better off getting a multi-trip annual travel insurance.

In that process, order your Freebie; EU Medical card – It is a free medical card for brits travelling to any EU country.
It allows you to use other EU hospitals and medical facilities for fre. If you like free stuff, then apply for it because it will not be available once we leave the EU.



Exchange your money at a good rate. Don’t leave it to the airport because they’re mega expensive. Do your research and find the best deal to the £. A good offer currently available, which is subject to change is Asda Travel Money Insurance. They promise to beat any rate within a five-mile radius. Great for people who live in busy cities like London because you can find about 10 money exchange bureaus locally.

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Clothes – Shop for your holiday items in winter when the sales are on. You can save up to 80% retail price compare shopping in summer

Food- Pack your family favourites – Kids know what they like and you can save money in the process

Activities – Plan your itinerary in advance – Have a budget along side it so you do not overspend. If you have a apartment on holiday, meal planning will save you a lot of money.

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