We are all aware that supermarkets have strategies to get us to spend more money. From using fresh bread perfumes in their stores to intentional product placement and bright coloured offers that do not make sense when actually processed. However, they always get us to spend more so I have exposed some of their secrets and listed tactics on how to over come them.

Use comparation site : mysupermarket

Always create a shopping list using mysupermarket. This site compares the prices in real time to tell you which supermarket offers the cheapest overall cost.


Cost per unit trick

Budget supermarkets are not always cheaper. The likes of Aldi and Lidl are not always cheaper so don’t just look at the price but cost per unit. For example,

Buy Glass over Squeezy packaging

Buy Glass Jar over plastic squeezey packaging. Buying the glass versions of your condiments will save an average of 22% on your shopping.

Be aware of false online reviews

Protect yourself from dodgy reviews. Many sellers pay people to give 5 star reviews through facebook and paypal which can not be tracked by the selling platforms like amazon and ebay. Here are some tips to not get conned:

  1. Compare the product you want to purchase with other sites selling the same thing and look at the reviews
  2. Check the profiles of the people giving the reviews – if they only give 5 stars then look at other reviewees.
  3. You can use Fakespot.com or ReviewMeta help you decide on your purchase and which reviews are genuine.


Lunch on the go – Go to Aldi

In 2017, Aldi launched a new lunch on the go range and they openly said that they plan to compete with Marks and Spencers who are the market leaders. Aldis’ food has proven to be to standard and you can save at least 40% on your lunch.

Buy packaged over loose. Measure per kilo

When shopping, always compare cost per kilo when it comes to fruit and vegetables. For example in Tesco, their jacket potato vary in price. Their loose ones cost £1.10 per kilo, whilr their packaged ones cost £0.80p per kilo which gives a saving of 20%.

Another example from Sainsburys, Pink Lady apples:

loose- £ 3 per kilo

packaged – £ 2.80 per kilo

Buy yellow sticker food

A lot of supermarkets are aware that a lot of food are not gone off because of the date on them hence the price reduction strategy to get rid of stock. Foods such as bread and meat can last in the freezer for up to 3 months. I love yellower sticker. I have saved over £150 over the last 8 weeks buying reduced products.

Yellowsticker Haul


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