Food bill can easily become a very high expense in our monthly budget not to mention eating out and ordering takeaways. However, the days of going to all the different supermarkets looking for a deal is over; there are many website and apps that can help. I have listed 5 ways to help reduce your food bill.REDUCE FOOD BILL


Most households have 5 or 6 dishes that are cooked or made on a regular bases so menu planning is first step. If you plan your meals ahead you can save a lot of money, you also reduce the amount of trips to the shops and you also reduce your food waste. I tend use food websites to get inspiration on new dishes I want to try. Check out Yummly , Tasty, Asda Recipes ( I mainly use the app versions on my phone).

Another thing to do when planning ahead is to check your cupboards and fridge freezers for what you already have so you do not over spend. The average Brit has over £100 worth of food stock pile in their cupboards. Consider doing a kitchen detox. It’s the challenge to cook with what you have only. I made 10 different meals using what i already had and this saved me a week’s worth of food shopping.

Mysupermarket – You can use this site to create your shopping list. This site compares the prices of products for you. All you have to do is create your shopping list and it will tell you the overall cheapest store to shop from.

The one instant that pays to be disloyal.



There are many apps and sites that gives you cashback on selected products when you purchase from selected supermarkets. I have made over £50 using these apps. I mainly use these apps to get free food, but a lot of cashback is waiting for you.

Download these apps onto your phone and start saving:

Checkoutsmart – This app is my favourite, they always have over £50 worth of cashback products and a lot of products to try for free

Shopimum – They currently have over £70 worth of cashback on selected products, they also have a scheme where you can increase your cashback rewards by referring your friends and they give you £4 for anyone who joins and uses your code. If you will be kind enough, use my code to receive a jar of nutella chocolate spread KYGEMKFC.

Clicksnap – owned by Quidco, you can get cashback on your shopping. Check here to sign up.

Asda Guarantee price – Asda has promised its customers that when you buy more than 8 items in one transaction, they are willing to give you any difference to their competitors if they are not 10% cheaper. I have already made over £10 in the last month.


As human we have a habit of sticking to what we know but it saves to try new products. For example, a lot of people tend to buy based on the brand name and not necessarily the quality of product. It came to light that supermarkets are capitalising on our weaknesses of buying things because of packaging.

I have listed a few things I have tried recently:

Pampers ( £8 for 44) to Aldi Mamia (£3.29 for 48) – saving £4.71 and an extra 4 nappies for free.

Persil Non-Bio ( £ 4 – 15 washes) to Asda Non-Bio (£5 – 52 washes) – saving of about £10 when calculated per wash.



A lot of products can be frozen. Also food can be used after the best by dates. I will however be more careful about use by date products. The FSA has a good break down.

I always look out for reduced products. I am known for being the yellow sticker queen.

Its important to know the times when supermarkets reduce their product prices to get the best deals.


I have an extra freezer in my storage cupboard in my 2 bed flat so I can save more money long term. Stocking up on frozen vegetables can save you a lot of money and they tend to a lot cheaper than their ‘fresh’ equivalent. Most frozen vegetables and meats go through a flash- freezing process which means they are often fresher, last longer and reduce food waste.

I tend to buy vegetables such as onions and peppers which freezes well. I also buy a lot of frozen veg such as broccoli, carrots, mixed veg, sweetcorn and green beans which last ages. Having vegetables cut up and frozen reduces cooking time and saves money.

How long can you freeze food?

This blog may contain some referral codes and affiliate links, however, I only list products and services I use and trust.

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