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Where to start, I am a young mum on a journey to financial freedom and I want to take you along with me. PreciousEarnings, in summary, is a UK Money and Lifestyle Blog.

Becoming a mum changed our finances drastically and I have found creative and INVENTIVE ways to make extra money from home and make our money stretch further (Frugal Hacks).

We are not in extreme debt as we have paid over £5000 in the last 12 months, but the journey continues. I am passionate about being frugal and I enjoy teaching others what I know. I am a Lecturer by profession so teaching is my life. I like seeing people be the version of themselves. I am passionate about financial literacy and I want to share and help others make better financial decisions. i.e. Avoid payday loans like a plague, I repeat, avoid like a plague. LOL.

5 random facts about me

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1- I am also a born-again Christian, I have been; for the last 7 years and I am grateful to God every day for saving me.

2- I am married to my university crush; dated for 9 months, engaged for 9months, got married with our first kiss being at the altar and now we are 5 years down the line.

3- I suffer from a genetic disorder called EDS – Elhers Danlos Syndrome Type 3 – Hypermobility – I am also gluten sensitive and Lactose Intolerant

4 – My family are from Ghana so I love love love Ghanaian food and music ( old school music like Kojo Antwi and Kwabena Kwabena. Google them if you don’t know them.

5 – I enjoy getting great deals and freebies – it’s more than a hobby, it is a satisfying pleasure for me.

Feel Free to check out my content on all things that can help you be the best you.