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Precious Earnings is a family run blog helping people to the goal of financial freedom. PreciousEarnings, in summary, is a UK Money and Lifestyle Blog.  We are passionate about our faith so this blog also will fall into the category of being a uk money blog for christians who are looking to improve their finances and also glorify God.

Having children changed our finances drastically; thus, we have found creative and INVENTIVE ways to make extra money from home and make our money stretch further (Frugal Hacks).

We are passionate about being frugal and we enjoy teaching others what we know. Vanessa is a Lecturer by profession; teaching plays a major part in her life. We thrive on seeing people be the very best version of themselves. The subject of financial literacy is an obsession and we want to share and help others make better financial decisions (we’ll throw this one in for free – AVOID payday loans like a plague, I repeat, avoid like a plague. LOL).

Feel free to check out my content on all things that can help you be the best you.


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