We are all aware that Amazon is taking over the world. Going from being an online bookstore to a multi-billion all in one, all you need Empire. Did you also know that Amazon is now the third most used tool as a search engine? This means, when someone is looking for a product, they go to Amazon to find it. You will read about how to get free amazon gift cards in order to shop for free.


Having Amazon gift cards are like having hard earned cash nowadays because you can get anything and everything you need. You can buy random eyelashes for 16p to even doing your weekly grocery shopping. I have listed simple ways you can easily earn amazon gift cards in order to shop for free.

  1. Your everyday receipts can make you money

Amazon gift cards in exchange for scanning receipts? And you can triple your earnings but downloading all three apps to maximize your income. Besides making money, scanning receipts can help you track your spending and you also have access to an electronic form of receipts if you ever wanted to return an item you purchased.

App 1: Shoppix

shoppix for amazon gift cards

Starting off with my favorite receipt app – Shoppix is available on both Android and iOS and it accepts the majority of receipts including online orders. You get 25 tokens for every receipt you scan and you get an extra five tokens for submitting it on the same day. You need to scan about 100 receipts in order to get £5 in Amazon vouchers. I know it sounds like a lot of work but trust me, it is worth the little effort. Plus, Shoppix has weekly short surveys which give you 20 tokens and a scratchcard. Scratchcards are bonuses you can win. I have won 100 tokens from one scratchcard before. I don’t know if I can say this but I scan every receipt I get my hands on if you know what I mean. I managed to buy a tablet and some toys with my gift cards recently all for free. Use my code to receive 200 tokens. 1W0SWJVH.

Cashing out:

3250 tokens – £5

6000 tokens – £10

11,500 tokens- £20


App 2: Receipt Hog

receipt hog gets you free amazon gift cards

Receipt Hog is also available on Android and iOS, I must admit this app is a lot harder to make money as it offers a lot less for each receipt but if you are scanning the same receipts then it is worth it. The coins/points you make per receipt depends on how much you spent. The points range between 5 and 20. You can gain extra coins via ‘Hog Slots’. It’s a slot machine that allows you to win coins with the potential to win $75/ £66.

Cashing out :

1,000 coins – £3 Amazon gift card

2850 coins – £10 Amazon gift card

App 3 : Shopprize

Finally, Shopprize is another app that will pay you to scan your receipts, additionally you get points for just opening the app daily ‘it is known as leveling up’. You get 120 points per receipt regardless of the value.

Cashing out:

10,000 points – £ 5 Amazon gift card

August 2018 : Shopprize is temporarily closed to new users. Android users are able to register to join the waiting list. Currently not available on the app store.


  1. Take pictures of Jobs – Jobspotter

Get paid to take pictures of ‘Staff Wanted’use jobspotter to get free amazon gift cards

Using this app, you can make up to $40/ £35 an hour if you are diligent and determined. Between myself and my husband, we have managed to make over £800 in Amazon Gift cards which adds up to over $1000 over the last couple of months.
To briefly explain what the app is, Job spotter is focussed on spotting job vacancies when you are out and about. indeed.com pays you to find adverts in store windows, take a picture of the job and the name of the business and that is it. Once submitted, the algorithm double checks the submission and you are rewards instantly.
The number of points varies depending on the business advertising the job. The more established and known the business it, the fewer points you tend to earn. Smaller traders such as nail shops, hairdressers etc tend to earn you more points.

Cashing out:

5 points tend to be worth about 2p

100 points – 76p/ $1

200 points – £1.60/$2

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  1. Become a User tester – Usertribe

Test out products and services and get paid in Amazon gift cards. User tribe pays in the ups of £100 per test you conduct. The chances of being chosen to conduct the test are limited but even if you did it twice a year, That can make you over £200. Register as a tester.

For more check out: Side Hustle ideas: Product Testing

  1. Do Surveys

All of the sites/app listed below all have the option to pay you in Amazon gift cards. Use your spare time to make money.

  • Vypr – App available on both Android and iSO – daily one question surveys – you need 10,000 points to cash out £5
  • Swagbuck – You need about 450 points to cash out £3 Amazon gift cards
  • Pinecone Research
  • PanelBase
  • Valued Opinions
  • Mingle
  • GfK


  1. Get gift cards as you shop – Use cashback sites

This is not totally free because you need to make a purchase in order to get cashback so if you are shopping anyway, you might as well get some gift cards in the process.
Quidco and Top Cashback are two sites that will even reward you for withdrawing your earnings as Amazon gift cards.
These are just a few ways to earn extra money from home. I am personally saving all my Amazon gift cards for the Black Friday sales and Gifts for Christmas. I look forward to using gift cards instead of hard earned cash, making all of my purchases free in some way.
If you have learned something new then please do share and comment below. Pin for later.

5 ways to shop for free on amazon $1000 made already

popular money making apps to get free amazon gift cards
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