How do I get freebies from companies such as Boots, Tesco, Marks and Spencers? Are product testing sites real? Are product testing jobs in the UK legit? These are the exact questions I asked when I started my quest to generate ways of saving money. Many people ask me how I go about getting freebies and I always share my links but they never seem to go ahead with it so I started a blog series. This is the first of many and they will be called side hustle 101.



Let us talk about product testing in the UK. Do they exist? Yes, they exist and there are a lot of legitimate product testing companies but there are also a lot of scams, I can confidently say that the percentage of scamming companies are greater than legitimate ones. Be careful. I have listed a few legitimate companies below and all you have to do is click on the links and register directly with the companies.



It’s simple; get freebies in return for your views, or sometimes through sharing your views on your social media and with your friends. Some firms even offer cash incentives on top.


I registered with them a few months ago and I have received two product testing invitations. Their products are quite expensive so I am happy to test it out for free. You have to pay for posting and packaging which is usually

Dr. Botanticals

£5.99 but it’s worth it if the product you are receiving is worth over £40. Example Testing Items: Sleeping Mask, Moisturisers, Face cremes. All vegan and Natural


Product testing for Boots? Yes, they have two types of product testing sites. Boots Review Panel and Boots Volunteers. Boots Volunteers are for people who love Boots products and would like to test and develop their products for the future while Boots Review Panel gives you the opportunity to try their latest products in exchange for a review. Example Testing Items: Facial wipes, body cremes


Tesco Home Panel – Tesco offers the traditional product testing scheme, they send their users trial products and in turn, you provide your review and feedback. You need to have a Tesco Clubcard to apply. Be aware that it is very competitive so not everyone is selected. Even if you are not selected, they give users one point for doing their surveys and applying to test products. 50 points will get you £10 bonus bond voucher. Disclaimer: They are currently not taking any applications at the moment but you can check back regularly Example Testing Items: shaving foam, cat litter, jumpers



They work across Europe and their aim to help spread the word about new products. When I logged in, the campaigns they had running included testing Purina Pet Food and HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro (the World’s first mobile AI computing platform phone).


As a tester, you earn points for completing activities and you can actually exchange it for cash. Be aware that campaigns that involve expensive products like phones will require you to put a deposit down with the agreement that you will be charged if the phone gets damaged or you fail to return it at the end. For example, the HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro campaign required a deposit of £250 as the phone is worth £600.


Click Research – Very established but hard to get selected. No harm in trying Supersavvyme – Goodies from brands including Olay, Fairy, Pampers, Max Factor and Braun TRND – Facilitates product testing campaigns for perfume, chocolate, gadgets and more Pampersquad – They set challenges, the current one is called ‘Are you ready to win the wriggle wrestle? Pinecone – Mainly survey focused but offer random product testing.



  1. Create a product testing email account – If you do not want your personal email account full of product testing request then it will be best to create one dedicated to it. The good news is that you can use the same email address to enter competitions, apply for freebies and do surveys.
  2. Know your odds – A lot of companies do not have a large budget towards product testing so do not expect to receive large amounts of invitations. Also be aware that a lot of companies require YOU to put through an application.
  3. Be selective on the products you choose – If you do not have an interest in a product, do not apply. Don’t waste your time.
  4. Don’t give up – Just keep trying


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