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Getting work from home jobs can be difficult. Being a kept woman is near impossible in this day and age; especially while the rise in living cost is constantly going up. I live in London and it is extremely difficult to live on one income when you have children. It is extra difficult returning when everything you earn goes towards childcare, putting you back in the position of living on one salary.

The search for work from home jobs can be stressful and a lot tend to be unsuitable for mothers with young children. A lot of the roles available require you to make calls or receive calls; being a mum myself, these jobs are not advisable. I have found 13 amazing work from home jobs that do not require using the phone which offers the flexibility to take care of your kids while you work. In saying that, these jobs are great for anyone who just wants a work from home or have a side hustle.

Work from Home Jobs: Teach Online

There are many sites online that allow you to teach students English online with no need to make any calls. Most online lessons are conducted online over skype and/or other video calling platform. This may not be the best for parents with very young children but great for parents with school-age kids. Check out my ‘Get paid to teach English‘ blog post for more details on companies currently recruiting within the UK. Consider taking a TEFL course to increase your credibility.

Another form of teaching is via tutoring. You can help students with a range of subjects or help them prepare for an upcoming exam.

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Work from Home Jobs: Chat Agents

Not necessarily chatting on the phone, but some do require a bit of phone use. This role requires answering customer queries and helping them solve any issue they may have so a good typing speed is essential. Two companies currently recruiting are Apple – They are looking for AT HOME ADVISORS and Liveworld – They are looking for BILINGUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS. You must be fluent in English. Other companies to check out are Needle and – They accept UK applicants.

Work from Home Jobs: Transcriptionist

This job is also known as an audio typist – you are required to listen to audio files and type them out. Speed is obviously a necessity. Companies to check out include Castingwords, Appenscrible, crowd surf. They all specialize in recruiting at home typist. Transcribing can also include videos and captions on programmes.


Work from home Jobs: Freelance Writer

The earning potential of a writer is endless. You can earn as little as £5 for 300 words to as much as £250 an hour. Check out how Linda earns $250 as a freelance writer. Writing sites that are recruiting include Textbroker, Helium, Wisebread

Work from Home Jobs: Search Engine Evaluator

I have personally worked for Appen Butler Hill. Work is great when its available but it usually tends to be a rarity. This role involves rating search engine results to improve the user experience. It can be very repetitive so take that into consideration. Other companies recruiting include Lionbridge and Leapforce. They also have roles such as Social Media Evaluator. No phone calls required.

If you are genuinely serious about working from home opportunities; I will encourage you to check out this Ultimate bundle of resources you can use to help you get started on your journey.

Work from Home Jobs: Facebook ad Manager

This role is mainly suitable for people who have experience in using Adwords, Facebook, chatbots and creating ad campaigns. This is a great side business to start. However, if you are new to world of facebook advertising, there are a lot of online courses you can do to get starter. Udemy has many cheap starter courses.

Work from Home Jobs: Social Media Manager

Similar to being a Facebook ad manager but you offer a broader service. You help grow clients social media platforms. This can include uploading content, replying to messages and applying strategies to grow your clients following. Great places to find these jobs are Upwork and Fiverr.


Work from Home Jobs: Become a Moderator

This role mainly involves filtering through forums and social media comments. The pay for this role is not amazing but it offers great flexibility. Find current opportunities on sites such as ICUC (Recruiting across Europe and America) and Modsquad.

Work from Home Jobs: Become a Blogger

Blogging is an amazing platform to earn a lot of money and also offer the freedom to work from home without the need to be on the phone. A great starting point is to enroll in what I consider the best blogging e-course for beginners. Apologise for the bad language used – bootcamp course. You can start a blog on anything you are passionate about; health and fitness, personal finance, beauty, motherhood or any other topic. Patience is definitely required when it comes to blogging, it takes time to make any money and a lot of personal investment is needed to succeed. The main key is to never give up.

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Work from Home Jobs: Virtual assistant

  • A VA, covers all things related to the computer. Duties can include social media marketing, writing content, creating images and the list goes on.

– A bit random but my final year university project was based on creating a Virtual Assistant company and over a decade later, I am probably going to pursue it further. You may need to make calls once in a while, however, using a computer will be your main equipment. Another sub-branch to VA’s is the need for PVA – Pinterest virtual assistants. If you love Pinterest then your opportunity awaits for you. Find jobs on Upwork, Fancy hands, PrestoExperts and Fiverr

Other Work from Home Jobs


Consider trying a free e-course on ‘ Proofread Anywhere’, other sites include proofreadpal


Having some form of accounting experience is helpful but not essential and you will be required to invest in a bookkeeping software.

Website Tester

Test out the usability of different websites and provide feedback on your experience. – Apply to whatusersdo and

These potential career paths can help you make money while at home with your kids. Children grow up so quickly so cherish every moment. You need to have a computer and a good internet connection. If you want to set yourself up to succeed the invest in this amazing bundle of resources to help you get started.

For additional help on how to find legitimate work from home job. Check the link below out, it is a good read with useful information on how to get started.

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