Save your money New mothers, becoming a first-time mother is full of joy and excitement but also full of fear sometimes. Every new mother wants everything to be perfect for the arrival of a new baby. This is when we fall into the trap of buying unnecessary items and sometimes overly priced items because we think it will serve our babies better. The honest truth is that babies just want to be loved, fed, burped and changed. So let us dive in ways you can save money.


I have two children, both under the age of 3 so I am a newbie mummy but have learnt a lot in this short time of motherhood.

I must admit when I was pregnant for the first time. I wanted the best breast pump, the best buggy, the best cot, best of the best of the best. For my second child, my mentality has changed completely. E.g my daughter sleeps in a travel cot with a comfy mattress and she is not complaining.

I have listed a few items that you can get at a cheaper price and still achieve the same result


Like most mothers I wanted designer nappies, we all know of the brand Pampers or in other words over priced nappies that you will use and throw away within an hour or two. I used to buy Pampers only as I was a nappy snob but as the years have gone by; I realise that finding good nappies can also be stored brand.

Action: Give the designer nappies a try but also try store brands such as Aldi and Asda (Walmart). You can get as much as 350 nappies for the price of 100 Pampers nappies.


The same issue arises again; wanting to use designer wipes. For example, a pack of water wipes can cost £2/$3. You can get 5 packs of ASDA brand wipes for the same price. And they are excellent wipes. Using designer wipes doesn’t’ make a difference to a child just to the mother and if your child has skin sensitivity issues then avoid very cheap wipes and use sensitive range. If you want to save even more money then use water and cotton wool. It’s cheap and water is free.



I fell victim to this issue, I wanted a designer pump with the best specs so I spent nearly £200/$300 on a pump. Not worth the cost as a breastfeeding mother. I hardly used it and to make matters worse, I preferred using a manual pump with my second child which cost me £12.50 because I bought it on sale.

You can get a breast pump if you want it to be electric for £40 and it will not be the best but it will do the job.

Disclaimer: If you are going to be expressing a lot then it is worth investing in the top brands. Medela[amazon_link asins=’B001HMU86Q’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’preciousearni-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’1dfd71ec-6f17-11e8-adc7-fbcb91ac7f55′] is a good brand, if you can afford it.


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Another trap again; becoming a first-time mother you want the best of the best Buggies on the market. Some cost as much as £1,000 or more which is ridiculous when I think about it now.

I spent a good £500 on one. The issue with these expensive buggies is that they tend to be very heavy and sometimes impractical. Also buying an expensive buggy is not worth it if you have a car. Put that money towards your car insurance for the year.

If I could go back in time I would probably buy a cheaper buggy which is lightweight or a buggy that can be converted into a double buggy. I got a lovely Joie double buggy[amazon_link asins=’B01MEG5ZPI’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’preciousearni-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’34d83bb9-6f16-11e8-ad11-25d26bb226c2′] that gets me from A to B and it is lightweight and cost £199. Bargain


It’s nice to see lovely little clothes and get drawn in, trust me, I have been there but honestly, kids grow so quickly that they sometimes only wear a clothe once or sometimes never. Some kids outfits and shoes can cost as much as the adult size.

After having my son, within the first 6 to 8 weeks I had packed away four full bags of clothes because he had grown so much. I would advise you get the Bare Essentials and buy second hand if you feel comfortable doing so when the baby is over 3 months old. I will avoid for newborns.

I hope you have learnt something new today. Please do comment and share.

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