Starting a home business is a dream for many but only the brave few actually achieve this dream. I have always wanted to start my own business but with the traditional route being so risky, I always found an excuse to not pursue my dreams. I ended up becoming a Business Lecturer instead of an entrepreneur and I really enjoy teaching but I always felt that I had more to offer and I wanted to be in control of my life.

LEGIT Home business ideas you can start with no money

I always heard the saying ‘THOSE WHO CAN’T DO, TEACH‘ and it bothered me for a long time because that was exactly what I was doing. Teaching others how to start and run their businesses but not doing it myself.

Fast forward couple of years, married and having children meant going from two salaries to one putting us in a difficult financial state and I had to find ways to supplement our income to avoid getting into too much debt. This is where began.

Having started my own online business, I learned very quickly that it is possible to start many online businesses from the comfort of your home with little to no money but a lot of hard work is what will make it successful. I have created a detailed list of a few online business opportunities you can start today. Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section.


Key Tips before you get started

  • Have a passion for the business you start because it will take up a lot of your time
  • Not having a lot of money to invest will require you to invest more TIME and mental effort. DIY will take up a lot of time but will be worth it
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  • Do as many free courses and trials to gain knowledge and save money
  • Reinvest your income into growing your business 
  • Youtube has a melting pot of knowledge


Home business ideas: Become a blogger

I have to start with blogging, you can start your blogging business with as little as £5. Blogging is super hard work but worth every effort because if you are able to make £5 in profit, you will be able to make £50,000 in profit.

How to get started:

To start a blogging business, you need to take simple steps to get going

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Pick a name
  3. Get a domain name/hosting
  4. Get a blog theme
  5. Learn how to create your own website
  6. Create your own brand logo for free using canva
  7. write Content
  8. Launch

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How to make money

  1. Start writing useful content
  2. Promote your blog post online
  3. Attract a following


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4. Ads via driving traffic to your site

5. Do sponsored post

6.Tap into affiliate marketing

7.Create your own digital products

8. Create your own courses

Once you start making money, you need to invest in developing your knowledge in your field and invest in scheduling tools to help save you time. Start a blog today.

A good free course to get started: The billionaire blog club

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Home business ideas: Freelance Writer

If you have a love for writing then you can sell your skill and make a lot of money from it. Online content is valuable so writers are in demand. As you do not have a lot of money to start off with, the best place to get started is to just advertise your services on FREE online platforms.

You have zero cost but you will have to invest your time and be willing to develop your writing skills.

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Sites to start with




Hubpages – You get paid to write about anything you are passionate about

Writer domain

How to grow your business

Once established as a quality writer, companies will approach you to write content for them. And vice versa, you can send pitches to companies offering your services.

Invest in learning SEO to ensure that all of your content is optimized.

You can even progress into teaching others, on how to become successful freelance writers.

This writer earns $250 an hour as a freelance writer


Home Business Ideas: Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in high demand, the services you offer are all up to you. You can start off by offering your services to small companies and online businesses then grow your business into a full-blown virtual assistant empire.

How to get started

Virtual assistant can earn on average £20 -£30 per hour and the services you can offer can include :

Social media management

Data entry

Customer service


Content writing

And much more

You can even specialize and become a Pinterest VA which is very popular, as long as you are good with Pinterest and you are willing to develop strategies that produce results.

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Home Business Ideas: Social Media Management

Get paid to be on social media. Turn your hobby into profits and start making money helping small businesses increase their online presences. A lot of small businesses are in need of social media managers who can help their business grow.


All you need to get started

  1. An online presence 
  2. Create social media accounts
  3. Possibly business cards for you to attend networking events  
  4. Offer your services online

Good Online sites to get started

You can offer your services across all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest or you can specialize in one and develop into the others as time goes by and your business starts to grow.

How to grow your business

If you can get 5-10 clients on your books at a time, you can make a full-time income working for yourself. You can grow the business even further and hire other social media managers to work for your company.


Home business ideas: Online Teaching

I rave about online teaching all the time. Getting started just required a job application. You can start off by working for an online teaching company but quickly progress into having your own company.

Steps to growing your business

Step one: Teach on these platforms

Step two: Make money via referrals and affiliate marketing

Step three: Invest your earnings into getting qualified a TEFL qualification

Step four: Invest money into creating your own online teaching brand/ website

Step five: Get your own clients

Step six: Choose a route to grow your business further: Either create courses teaching others on how to teach online or recruit others to work for you teaching online.

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Home Business Ideas: Online retailer

We have all heard of eBay resellers and Amazon FBA. But believe or not, you can start an online selling business with no money. You have to put in the hours to learn the craft and develop your skills.

Steps to getting started

Step one: List and sell things you don’t need or want that you already have around your house

Step two: Invest your time watching youtube videos on products that sell well online and decide on what you like.

Step three: Visit charity shops and car boot sales and use the money you have made to source more products

Step four: List your items online and make a profit

Step five: Reinvest your money on products you are good at selling. It could be clothes, it could be toys or even puzzles

Step six: Scale your business and sell more products via Amazon FBA

Step Seven: Invest in courses that will help you improve in your business even more

Step Eight: Repeat the process or create a course teaching others about online selling.

Just to conclude, as you can see from the above example, starting a business has never been easier to do but it requires a lot of hard work and passion and investment in order to succeed. As a  blogger, I invest over 50 hours a week in my business.

You may not see any financial benefits to start off with but all the time and effort invested will turn into valuable assets in the near future. Do you have any business ideas you want to start but have no money?  Comment below and share your ideas. Don’t forget to pin this post for later use.

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