This post is in an interview style format, I interviewed an actual job spotter.

Before we start, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

In short, I am Marketer by profession, I  am also a Christian, a dad and a husband and a part-time entrepreneur. I currently run a hair extension company with my wife and in the process of building other online businesses.

job spotter review legit or scam

What is Job spotter?

Job spotter is an app created by that allows you to find jobs on behalf of Indeed and take pictures of the job wanted signs and record your location for points that can be converted into Amazon vouchers.

Is Job spotter Legit or a Scam?

It is 100% legit. You make money (Amazon Vouchers) instantly.

How long have you been Job spotting?

I’ve been job spotting for around a year now. I started in October 2017.

How did you hear about Job spotting and why did you start doing it?

I heard about the  Job spotter app through my wife; I remember we had an argument and I asked her where she was getting the money from to buy certain items in the house, she then told me that she had used vouchers from an app that she was making money from. As soon as I heard that I was all ears. I soon downloaded the app and started making money for myself.


How do you make money?

You make money by taking pictures of job wanted or vacancy needed signs around town. You only need to take two pictures; one of the job wanted sign and another of the actual storefront. Once you’ve taken your two photos simply submit it to job spotter and allow the application to record your location. You should be credited with points as a reward.

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Do you have any  Hacks or Tips?

I’ve got quite a few tips today

  1. Make sure you get your angles right. Jobspotter will penalize you if your pictures and photos are not clear and easy to read; always make sure that your signs are clear and not taking in the dark when is shadow and just don’t give the app any reason to deduct points 
  2. Wait for the application to record your location once you’ve submitted your job vacancy The reason is sometimes when you walk away from the vacancy that you’ve submitted too fast it won’t register your entry correctly 
  3. When you’re job spotting in a shopping mall or on a street, do one side of the shopping mall or Street first and then make your way round to do the other side afterwards this way you’ll save yourself time having to cross the road constantly to get jobs done 
  4. My 4th tip is to make a note of your favourite or most profitable places to job spot. Jobspotter allows you to take pictures of the same location as long as it is not within the same calendar month from the last time you took it (May 29th and June 2nd are fine even though they are just a few days away, they are a different calendar month.) 

This means that if you make a note of where you’ve been you can fully capitalise on your most profitable areas to job spot. My most profitable areas tend to be either busy market areas with a concentrated amount of small businesses (Hayes, Hounslow or Southall) or upmarket villages populated with little-known boutiques (Chiswick Park, Ealing Broadway and Watford High street). You can easily make between £20 – £50 in 1 hour 30 mins if you are economical with your time.

5. Another top tip is to keep your eye out on the job vacancies that give you the most points. Jobspotter LOVES newsagents’ jobs, taxi services, hairdressers and barber shops are among the most profitable as well as small businesses and boutiques. The less profitable businesses tend to be high street chains like Next, River Island and Tesco Definitely still claim those single digit points however you’re likely to get very little for your effort.

6. Make sure you keep people out of your pictures. Jobspotter will automatically disqualify your entry if it picks up any people in your photos 

7. An underrated Jobspotter tip is to not look down on verifying other people’s entries. You’re usually only awarded 10 points (equivalent of 10 US cents). However, these points do add up. 

When verifying, I like to verify enough accounts to get me to the nearest pound or whole number persistence pays off in job spotter literally. (medium)

8. My final tip is to have a plan. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes; plan out your day. Charge your phone or bring a power pack with you. Dedicate 2-3 hours to strive to take as many pictures of vacancies within the app as possible.

How much money can you make from Jobspotting?

 Each month I aim to make at least £150  to £200 in my spare time. However, the earning potential is limitless, the more jobs you find, the more money you make.

What does it take to be a good spotter?

It takes the following:

  • perseverance
  • a good eye
  • a good attitude

There may be times when you are told by the shop owner or one of the staff members that you can’t take photos. Don’t let that hinder you or get you down just brush it off and move on to the next vacancy.


What tips will you give someone who wants to use the spotter app on the side?

Don’t count on it as a prime revenue source because it will never replace a full or even part-time job. Definitely consider it as good pocket change to purchase items around the house or save up to buy that item of clothing that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to

Any final words…

Jobspotting is fun! It gives me an excuse to think as I walk. It has helped me to lose weight and keep fit, has constantly challenged me to go above and beyond, building a winning mentality and has rewarded me well for my efforts.

Added to this, you are doing jobseekers and local businesses a favour through providing them with online advertising.

I would definitely recommend Jobspotter as one of the better money generating apps available. If you enjoy walking around discovering new places and taking photos I would definitely consider downloading the application especially if you work a job that requires you to travel from city to city or area that has plenty of shops for you to capitalise on.

As you have seen above, there are always ways to make an extra income on the side. Please do share, comment and subscribe for new content.

job spotter app review tips and hacks
job spotter uk review and hacks
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