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So I just want to share one writing tip in this post. Blogging is my passion and I enjoy writing but it is not my strongest skill. I have always had difficulties with writing and getting my spelling and punctuation right, so I was very cautious and scared when I started blogging. I had the fear of getting attacked by random people who will tell me how bad of a writer I am. But I am learning that practice makes perfect and consistency is the key to success.

A bit of Background

I think I should just give you a bit of background about myself and probably also raise awareness.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia in my second year of university which is quite late for me to find out. Growing up during my high school and college years, I really struggled with reading, I use to tell myself that, it’s probably because I missed out on learning phonics because I moved to another country when I was 5 years old. I know now that, that was a very poor excuse. I use to lie to my teachers that I needed glasses and that was my reason for not wanting to read aloud and that was disgraceful.


So to be more specific, I struggle to read continuously and comprehend at the same time because the words do not flow when I read, this means I have to go back and read it again and again in order to understand what I’ve actually just read and the same thing also happens when I write as well.

I also skip words when I write without realising because I will read my work back with the missing words included even though they are not present.
On a positive note, over the years I have learnt coping mechanisms and different strategies to help with my difficulties, I am a teacher after all so being able to read and write is very vital.

Writing Content

Writing content is a big part of being a blogger so being able to get content fast is the dream for most bloggers.

The best tip that has helped me tremendously with my blog is using software that translate my speech into notes. I am an excellent talker, I can talk forever but it used to take me nearly 10 hours to write one blog post purely because I struggled to write properly.

Using a speech to note software has reduced my blog posting time to less than 3 hours, which to me is significant and magnificent. I have listed a few speeches to note software to use if you are like me, a blogger or writer who hates to write.

WRITING TIP: Top 5 Speech to Notes Softwares

1) SpeechNotes App

I personally use speech notes; which is an app I downloaded onto my phone so whenever I’m writing a blog post, I just open my speechnotes app, record everything I’m saying. I then have the opportunity to go over it and edit to correct my mistakes.

Once I’ve recorded and made some edits I then send the notes directly to my WordPress account as a new blog post, done.


2) Google Docs Voice Typing

– Be aware that it only works on a chrome browser.

– It needs to be enabled in order for it to work


-Great for people who mainly use their laptop to work

3)Google Now App

-Works on Android

– A great app

4) Evernote

A great organiser with one of it’s feature being the speech to voice.

5) Voice Notes

– Easy to use interface

– Free

They are all free but they do offer a pro version.

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I hope you found this post useful, please do comment and share.

writing tip to help you write your blogpost fast
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