Get 10% off your Annual subscription for less than £5 a month !

This is a quick Blinklist review and offer .Some may call it cheating but others may view this way of reading as resourceful. I personally struggle to read books at a first pace. I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the late age of 19 but never allowed it to hold me back in any area of my life.

Well, back in 2019 I decided that I wanted to become the best version of myself and that is how I discovered Blinklist. Blinklist has all the books I wanted to read and more. It summarised the key points of every book and more and it was money well spent.

Blinklist Review and Offer

What is blinklist

Blinklist is an app that summaries key points of some of the most popular and lengthy books ever written, especially books in the self- help and self development sector. If you enjoy gaining knowledge but lack the time required to sit and read then Blinklist is a good investment

Is Blinklist comprehensive

I do not want to sound biased but they book summaries range between 10 – 12 mins and they honestly cover the key points including illustrations mentioned in the book.

Get 10% off your Annual subscription for less than £5 a month !

You will not regret investing into yourself this way and you will learn so much in less time. Many people have resolutions and goals but do not put the measures in place to achieve them. One of our biggest assets are our minds and time. Kill two birds with one stone and improve your mind in less time.

I have read 100 fold more books than I would if I did it in the traditional manner of reading back to back pages of books.

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