I have decided to continue a monthly blog income report because I think it is important to share my progress and highlight key tips that will help new bloggers. Blogging can be an emotional rollercoaster, in fact, this is the case for any startup and it is a shame that people are not honest about the difficulties of this journey.

 I’m currently in my 7th month of blogging with no pre-launching preparation meaning I  literally hit the ground running the day I decided to start a blog. I must admit I have achieved a lot in the last couple of months. In this report I will share my achievements, my insights and how I plan to progress into the next coming months, I hope you find the golden nuggets within this post useful and don’t forget to pin me for later.

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Summary: Monthly Growth and Blog Income Report 

Social Media Growth/ Traffic

Guest Post

Improving SEO


Social Media Growth/ Traffic

I have seen a significant growth, mainly with my Pinterest and Instagram account over the last 30 days. Check out my previous growth reports for more growth strategies.

Instagram Following

My Instagram has grown from 350 followers to nearly 700 in the space of 30 days 

Strategy for growth – I must admit, I begin the month with regular posts, posting every day, sometimes twice a day but over the last 10 days, I have only posted twice as I have been ill and I lost motivation to carry on but I am not a quitter so I am back to working on my business.

I did join a follow for follow train trend which got me over 200 followers with a lot unfollowing so I will not be doing that again. I also followed a lot of people within my niche; this includes people within the debt-free community, online resellers, SAHM, WAHM, Christian bloggers,  family and friends who in return followed back after checking out my page.

Future Plans: I was listening to a podcast by FBP(foodbloggerpro) and he has a guest who went from 2000 followers to over 120,000 followers in about 9 months.

Top Tips :

Post about 7 times a day

Repost other people’s content. Do not steal, give credit  where credit is due

Engage – Build a community

Grow your brand- e.g post images of yourself to humanize your page.


Went from 318 and 28 group boards to 685 followers and I got accepted into another 30 group boards in the space of 30days

Strategy for growth: I followed as many people as possible who follow people with similar content to myself. I hope that makes sense. I also created an email template to send to group board owners which have proven successful.

Top tip for getting into group boards- if you are a new blogger, find other new bloggers and find the group boards they have been accepted into. It is highly likely that you will be accepted too.


Blog Traffic – page views 1,488 pageviews / 7516 impressions ( up by 2000)

It may seem insignificant compared to other growth reports you may have seen but you have to take into account, this is a brand new blog with a lot to learn.

Facebook  – no progress

Twitter  – no progress

Guest post

I wrote a post called #mybeautyjourney for wowbeaut.co. I am waiting for it to be published next month.

Improving SEO

I use a plugin on WordPress called Yoast to ensure that all of my content has a green light.

I also use keywords everywhere chrome extension to find keywords and I also use Ubersuggest which is also another free platform to find keywords. To improve my SEO further I have downloaded the Moz Chrome bar to show the domain authority of sites to help me find keywords I have a chance to ranking on google.

Pinterest SEO

I ensure that all of my images have the same keyword in the title and alt section and I have been working on improving my ranking on Pinterest. At this present moment, I rank in the top 3 for ‘frugal hacks’ and ‘marriage and finance’.  A key tip on ranking on Pinterest is to use keywords. A good way to find highly searched keywords is to create a fake ad.

  1. Click on create an ad
  2. Fill in campaign name
  3. Press continue
  4. Scroll down to keywords – type in relevant keywords and related keywords will show up
  5. Use the keywords to formulate your pin description.

That is it. Apply this to all of your images and it will gain traction eventually and you will be on the first page in no time.

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Tailwind Scheduling

I have been on tailwind for about 3 weeks now and I am still figuring out the best strategy to succeed. The mistakes I have made is that I have become lazy with Pinterest because I was relying on tailwind to bring me traffic. BIG MISTAKE. Pinterest will reward you for your efforts.


I have 44 subscribers

Income – Making Money with a Blog

Google ads –  £20/ $25

Media.net – 6p/$0.07

Total: £20.06


BBC course – £301/$398

Tailwind – £90/ $110

1 and 1 hosting – £4.98/ $6

Total: £396

I think the best investment I have made is getting onto the BBC course ( it will be known as DTC from October 2018). It is a hub of knowledge and there is so much to learn. Being new in any environment can be overwhelming but being in a space full of people who want to help is amazing.

Moving forward

    1. I plan to write high-quality content with at least 1200 words. This is for SEO purposes.
    1. Update and fix my Pinterest images. I need to make them brighter so they stand out more and ensure that they all have the correct alt description
    1.  Improve the speed of my site- it takes ages to load sometimes – I will probably pay £20 for a WordPress specialist on Fiverr to sort it out for me
    1.  Write 2 guest post – Rockstar Finance and modest money
    1.  Write 6 blog post
    1.  Create a resource library for my subscribers
    1. Set out regular newsletters to build a better relationship with my subscribers
  1. I want to improve my SEO ranking by focusing on two main metrics – Getting more backlinks and website speed. I need to use SEMrush and serpstat to track my backlinks and ranking.

Promotional strategies moving forward

  • Answer questions on Quora
  • Share my content on medium.com and Reddit
  • Improve my manual pinning and tailwind scheduling tool more effectively.
  • Promote on facebook
  • Upload content onto mix (previous known as stumbled upon)

Final thoughts 

Each month that goes by brings a bit more clarity on the direction I want this blog to go. As of now, I want my blog to be a modern-day platform that demonstrates what a millennial Proverbs 31 woman will be like. A platform that helps other women earn more, save more and improve self, all from the comfort of their homes and glorify God with their lives. I hope you can join me on this journey of self-discovery as well as teaching you how to utilize the money God places in our hands.

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Thank you very much for reading, please do share, comment and subscribe to have up to date content that will help you be better than you were yesterday.

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