Have you ever thought of doing your Christmas shopping after Christmas? Christmas bargains after Christmas can save you a minimum of 50% on items that would of cost you a lot more a few days before. Many retailers are aware that after the 25th of December; the need to buy gifts decline drastically and therefore their pricing strategy is to have mega sale events.

That is where people like me plan ahead and snap up the bargains.

Steps to getting the best bargains

after christmas bargains

Write a list

Write a list of all the gifts you want to get and who you want to get gifts for. For example, toiletries last a long time and they are great gifts.

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Great After Christmas Bargains to look out for:

  • Christmas present – Gift sets – bath sets, perfume sets, candles sets and anything that doesn’t expire
  • Gadgets and tech – Toys and watches
  • Christmas decorations and gift accessories – get all you need for your decorations – lights , bubbles, fake christmas trees.
Christmas shopping after christmas

Do your research

Once you know the items you want to get. A great website for price comparison of supermarkets is mysupermarket.co.uk. They compare the prices of products from the top 15 supermarkets and high street stores which includes Boots and Superdrugs.

Websites such as camelcamelcamel.com and idealo are also great sites to find out the prices of products across a time period. Somethings we can fall for the trap of seeing signs that say ‘only £20 save £60’ when in reality, the product has always sold at £25.

Don’t neglect online sales

Nowadays, most high street stores have sales both online and in store. Check both of them out.

I hope you find this useful and share what bargains you get every year.

Let the Christmas shopping begin : After christmas

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