Blogging for money is the intention for most bloggers, based on the title, you can tell what my intentions are for my blog, it’s to blog for money and create financial freedom for myself and my family. Equally being a broke blogger has pushed me to spend a lot of time self-learning about blogging and everything that comes with it. I love this process and I want to share my honest experience as I go along. I am not ashamed to say that I want to make money from this business but a lot of hard work and hours invested is needed to succeed in the blogging business.

Blogging for Money: Income and Growth Report

I did a semi income report and I was totally honest about my mistakes and what I have learned in the first 6 months of blogging. I want to write this report, mainly as a progress tracker because blogging is a lot of work so it is hard to appreciate the small accomplishments on the way. I will cover the lessons learned, how much money I have made and any strategies used to help grow my business.


Blogging for Money: I have seen a lot of growth in my business

Let us get the finances out of the way because it is not that significant in the grand scheme of blogging financial potential. I am a side hustler so I make money in other ways but I will focus on just the blog aspect.



£46.39 – Google Adsense

$6 –

Expenses :

£4.95 – 1 on 1 Hosting fees
I have been running this blogging business for under £5 a month. Everything is going to change next month because it is time to invest in the business in order to accelerate growth.



Summary: Blog Growth

Guest Post

Social Media Growth

Blog Traffic

Improve SEO

Affiliate Companies

Guest post

I have done two guest post:

Shared Ownership: How Millennials Can Get On The Property Ladder

I also wrote for – Hungry Savers series – I am still waiting for it to be published

Social media Growth

Instagram – 500 followers

Strategies for growth:

  1. Have a Business Account
  2. Post everyday
  3. Follow people who will enjoy and benefit from my content
  4. Engagement – Comment and like as many posts as possible – I feel like I have real Instagram friends and this is the platform I am most active on.

Pinterest : From 48 followers to 318 followers

Got into 28 group Boards

Daily views and impressions are up by 500%
Strategies for growth:

  1. Have a Business Account
  2. Enable Rich Pins
  3. Create Group Boards – Create board titles using the Pinterest Search Bar to check what keywords people type. E.g Blogging Tips is a popular board people search for so create a board with this title.
  4. Create Board covers – I use canva and it takes ages but well worth the effort because it makes your page look professional
  5. Follow people who follow people within your niche. E.g if you blog about money, find other bloggers who blog about the same thing and follow their followers – a few will follow back
  6. Pin daily – I manually pin everyday – 40% my content 60% other content



Facebook Page – 23 followers
Facebook groups: I got accepted into 7 facebook groups, I am yet to utilise this opportunities


Strategy for growth – NONE – I don’t really know how to use it effectively yet, I want to master the above first.

Blog Traffic

I have had over 1200 page views and over 5000 page impressions. Again not significant but a mini achievement

Subscribers to Mailing list – 26 Subscribers
I created an opt-in e-book freebie on how to get free stuff

Improve SEO

I have ensured that all of my post have the green light using the Yoast Plugin, I also try to write up two 1200 words per post.

Affiliate Companies

I have been accepted into a few affiliate programmes

  1. Skimlinks
  2. Amazon
  3. Creative Market
  4. Ultimate Bundle
  5. Fiverr


Plans moving forward

Instagram – Gain 1000 followers in the coming months – I plan to start doing Instagram lives and create content for IGTV

Pinterest – Aim to get into another 20 group boards, I am finally going to join Tailwind to help accelerate my blog traffic. I want to hit over 30,000 monthly views
I am finally going to invest in a Lifetime access course, Billionaire Blogging Club. I completed the 12-day email course and it was full of golden nuggets worth checking out. And I just love the teaching style of Scrivs, he is very honest and blunt.
I am a cheapo so I have held out from doing any course or making any purchases but I have finally found my one stop shop with everything I need to succeed in this blogging world

Guest post
Attempt to write for Rockstar Finance
I plan to write a post for wow beauty. – I met the founder at a networking event and I just love her ethos about holistic beauty.

Grow my email list
I plan on creating more opt-in freebies to grow my email list

Optimise my site

e.g Remove any dead links to ensure a great user experience
Write at least 6 different post – SEO optimized with at least 1200 words, shrike all of my images using TINYpng to secure optimal speed

Income Progression
My main focus to increase my income is via growing my blog traffic, I want to earn via ads, hopefully, move on to doing sponsored posts and create digital products.
As you can see, over the last 6/7 months have been a steep learning curve but very cheap but now it’s time to actually invest and grow my business. Being a blogger is definitely my thing and I love the flexibility of growing your business in whatever direction I please.


My vision

My vision for Precious Earnings is to inspire women to strive for excellence in every area of their lives – Financially, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. If you are reading this then it means you have read to the end so thank you, please do comment, share and subscribe to my mailing list to be the first to receive new content.

Blogging for money honest account final

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